Monday, April 26, 2010

Everybody Dance Now

We attended a wedding on Saturday night for one of my closest girlfriends here--she's one of my first friends that I met here and we've known each other for years. It was lovely and I'll post more about it soon, but for now, here are some videos (that I so wish were brighter!).

Thing 1 asked me all day if there would be dancing (she LOVES to dance at weddings). I wasn't sure whether or not there would be room, because I knew it was an intimate affair.

As soon as we got there, Thing 1 noted the DJ's table and the small dance area and got really excited. I still wasn't convinced, since there were also dining tables in the small space as well.

Well, after the ceremony, the DJ invited the new bride and groom to the dance floor. Thing 1 says, "Now?"

"Not yet."

Then the DJ invited the bride to dance with her father and the groom to dance with his mother. Thing 1 asks, "Now?"

"Not yet." (And, if I recall correctly, I was holding her back at this point).

Then the DJ (they'd cleared out the tables by then, by the way) invited everyone to get on the dance floor and DANCE! Thing 1 charged and was the first one out there.

And she danced for several hours, the entire time the music played. We didn't leave until the DJ packed it up.

Thing 2 likes to play it cool, but he spent a great deal of time out there busting a move as well.

They left sweaty, tired, and smiling. They are ADORABLE. And they are AWESOME on the dance floor.

Please bear with the short videos -- they are dark, but you CAN see their funky moves.

They did some crazy flips:

They did the worm:

And then they slowed it down:

Have I mentioned that I love these kids?! They're the best.


Lindsay said...

So adorable. How the heck did M do that?? The little flip thing? And Kate is ONE flexible girl!! Holy Moly

the emily said...

That is awesome! I would've NEVER done that as a kid, I was way too shy (still am, actually. I never danced at dances, ever). Good for them!

Jimmy said...

That flip is cool. If I could do that I'd dance at weddings.

J Fo said...

The splits?! AND a flip OVER the splits?! I'm totally impressed!

Boquinha said...

They're pretty flexible and have very few inhibitions. They love a good party! :P