Thursday, April 1, 2010

Girls' Weekend

In January, we reunited 3 of us--
me, Cathy, and Kellie.
Neither Cathy nor I had seen Kellie in about 18 years.

(See, Cathy and I are different in some ways--she loves Facebook
and I pretty much don't, but I can give credit where due--
Facebook reunited us with Kellie).

And we had a Girls' Weekend.
And it was FUN.

I hosted.
Cathy came from MA.
Kellie came from NJ.

Despite the fact that Cathy dealt with stomach flu
on the way here that kept her at a hotel overnight
(Cathy holds back nothing on bodily function descriptions,
as anyone who reads her FB statuses knows--
it was not a pretty tale she recounted),
we had SO MUCH FUN!

We went to the movies.
Mark made loads of food for us.
We looked at old pictures of us.
We played.
We talked.
We sang.

She is a TOTAL nutjob.
And have I mentioned that she LOVES kids?
And kids LOVE her?

She came, in part, to play Wii with the kids:

It was crazy fun.

After getting kids to bed, we played Rock Band:

Cathy ordered Kellie off the mic for not knowing some classic American songs,
so I sang for a bit.

But then we learned that Kellie can seriously rock out to Taylor Swift. Who knew.

What's a trip to see us
without visiting Chocolate World?

We "worked" in the factory, which involves a little dancing.


On the Chocolate World Ride.
See my shirt? It says "Fun Size!"
Oh, also you can see how my haircut looks in these pictures--
I keep it straight since I don't know how to do the fancy stuff
the lady did at the salon.
Plus, I like it straight.

Cathy's idea to all put on Kiss hats and pose together.
NEVER a dull moment with her. NEVER.
She's kinda like Gandolf from that one Friends episode.

Us at Ruby Tuesday's
where I learned that my entire adolescent existence
was essentially The Truman Show

This necessitated some ice cream therapy
the next night
at our old standby place -- Friendly's!

Kellie with the kids

Cathy with the kids
And see that look on Cath's face?
She's thinking, "Oh great, this crazy dog is licking my neck.
Hurry up and take the picture, Stacy,
before I beat you."

Me and Cathy

I miss her again.


the emily said...

I need more on the Truman Show, please.

CUTE hair.

Jillo said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend. Nothing is better that when you get with old friends and it feels like no time has passed at all.

Are those gear of chocolate? What is that all about?

Lindsay said...

FUN!!! I love girlfriend time with real genuine friends!!!

Zelia said...

As I read the post I COULD HEAR HOW LOUD you two were as teenagers. Alas it seems nothing changes.:-)

Boquinha said...

Thanks, Em! Basically, I learned that I lived in a kind of bubble and I *thought* I knew all these wonderful things about everyone around me. Come to find out, I was totally oblivious to reality. And while people somehow loved me for it back then (or loved me back then despite it), I now feel like I need therapy. :P

Yes, the gears are filled with Hershey's Kisses. See, we're "employees" working at the factory. Get it? :)

So fun.

Mom, you know you love it. Memé!