Sunday, April 18, 2010

They wrote us a song!

Our awesome teenage friends came over a couple of months ago and serenaded us with a song they wrote just for us! They managed to include everyone in their song, including my mom and our dog! The lyrics are great--clever, funny, well-written, thoughtful, and sweet.

We love these kids -- they are SUCH great people. And, an amazing part of this, the boys taught themselves to play guitar and barely started a couple of years ago. They are WICKED good. They often bring their guitars and drums to the park and play while we all hang out and talk and play. They also play at Open Mic Night at the local coffeehouse now and then, too.

We are so lucky to have them as neighbors, co-homeschoolers, and friends. Thanks, guys!


bythelbs said...

Man, I don't have any cool songwriting teenage friends. Lucky!

wv: sulkit, as in "Sulkit, suckah!" (What you say in response to my whining about not having any cool songwriting teenage friends.)

J Fo said...

Ha! So fun. You're famous!

Swawa said...

Ha,ha! That is so great! I'm so glad that you guys liked it!

John said...