Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Keyword hits for today

So, I checked my handy statcounter and here are some of the keyword hits bringing people to my idol review from yesterday:

ryan seacrest drunk tonight
ryan seacrest drunk tonight
Ryan seacrest drunk tonight
Ryan seacrest drunk tonight
was ryan seacrest drunk tonight
was ryan seacrest drunk tonight
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ryan seacrest erratic behavior
ryan seacrest
ryan seacrest drunk tonight?
DID THE IDOLS MIME TONIGHT? (This one's a little late to the party)
was ryan seacrest drunk
was seacrest drunk on idol tonight 4/13/2010
american idol ellen's horny comment
ryan seacrest drunk tonite?
ryan seacrest drunk?
ryan seacrest pestering didi? (This guy is obviously watching on TiVo)
ryan seacrest talking about Adam Lambert's tongue
what was wrong with ryan seacrest tonight, turban
was ryan seacrest drunk tonight?
aaron kelly and ed grimley (That one is just for you, Honey)

So, I add one more prediction for this summer (in addition to low ticket sales for the tour):

Rehab for Ryan.


Dr. Mark said...

Who would have thought? I'm most surprised at the Aaron Kelly/Ed Grimley search term.

Vivian said...

I'm with Dr. Mark. I think Ryan is overcompensating for a lackluster year of AI. It's not exciting us as much as making us feel uncomfortable. I can't figure out why it's a snoozer this year. There *are* some really talented contestants.

the emily said...

I'm wondering why you're still watching a show you hate so much?

Jillo said...

I do not watch American Idol because I can't stand Ryan. Turns out maybe I have been missing some pretty good entertainment.....

Jimmy said...

Stacy--you have to go to and see the Jimmy Kimmel clip on Ryan Seacrest's behavior. One of his comments, "This is what happens when you spend four hours a day in a tanning booth."

Boquinha said...

Mark, I know. Cool, right?

Vivian, it IS uncomfortable! I think the energy level in general is just way low.

Emily, I watch, because I enjoy writing snarky reviews. Seriously, I don't hate it. I actually really love this show--it's just a stinker season. I think lots of shows go through that now and then.

Jill, yes, I think you have . . . if by "pretty good" you mean "uncomfortable." :P

Jimmy, that's hilarious! Thanks for that.

Boquinha said...

I found this and had forgotten to post it. I'm not the only one who thought he might be drunk. :P