Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Wonder If I Can Fly . . .

Every year one of us says, "I hope no one sings 'I Believe I Can Fly' for inspirational week." And every year someone does. That sort of sums up my usual experience with these songs. What inspires one is just run-of-the-mill for another. Thank you, idols, for continuing the trend. I thought Alicia Keys was pretty good tonight. I think they edited out more with her than they have with other mentors since the show was shortened this week. I was very glad that we are now down to 60 minutes, which means we get the following:

  • No more judges entering center stage with new Moviefone guy (or is it Alan Kalter) introducing them (both are equally freaky)
  • Less rehashing from the judges (get it right the first time 'cause we're not coming back)
  • My children in bed before 10:00
  • This blog post done before I fall asleep at the keyboard

In the spirit of "Inspirational Songs, I'll give you my impressions and what I'm inspired to do because of each performance.

Casey James: We definitely know the songs he likes, and he honestly does well with them. I don't know if it's so much a "comfort zone" thing with him as it is an interesting song type of thing. I am now inspired to be average in all that I do, and to smile while doing it.

Lee Dewyze: Lee's song choice was awesome (never performed on Idol to my knowledge) and he sounded great on it. Like Randy said, he is ready to get in the studio and record some stuff. Lee has quietly been inching closer to contention in this competition and I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the final pairing. I am now inspired to play the bagpipes. OK, that was from like 2 weeks ago, but I still think it was so awesome.

Tim Urban: Tim was neither inspired nor inspirational. He was out of tune, although the song was a good fit. I'm surprised he's still around anyway, so I shouldn't be surprised that his performance was one of the more mediocre ones for me tonight. I am now inspired to hang around places I don't belong to see if they'll give me a job.

Aaron Kelly: I knew it would be him. It is always him. And I am not surprised he's been singing this since he was 5. I will give credit where credit is due. He sounded like he has been singing this song for 11 years, during which time everyone from his mother to his best friend's father to his postal carrier have told him he sounds great. Simon's comment was the most real of the bunch. The performance was just OK, and regardless of his vocal talent, it didn't stack up tonight as one of the best. The whole thing was very "Star Searchy" for me. I am now inspired to look up what sinbad is doing right now. (How long was he on that show, anyway?!)

Siobhan Magnus: First of all, in all the seasons of A.I. so far, she is without a doubt the most boring contestant that has ever been in the competition this long. When they cut away to her in the garden, talking about her session with Alicia Keys, I felt like she was telling us about how she was constipated for a long time, and how she had to agonize over the various products she could use to poop regularly. Undergoing a colonoscopy would be like going to Disneyland compared to Siobhan's interviews. And then she sings, and I'm bored. She sings really well and deserves a career somewhere on the stage. It's probably the best fit for her. I am now inspired to eat more fiber.

Michael Lynch: Dude, boring. This would have been my third choice of songs with a hero-related title that I would have thought someone would pick on Idol. I wished he'd picked the Mariah Carey song because it would have been interesting to hear him take on a female vocalist's song like that. His performance was probably right in the middle of the seven for me tonight. I am now inspired to catch crooks just like flies.

Crystal Bowersox: At first I was cringing as I imagined Crystal trying to show the judges that she's not just a guitarist that can sing, but this was incredible tonight. Tears aside, she was so connected and right on with her performance. It was obvious she found meaning in the song and it came through with no difficulties whatsoever. Even Simon was clapping when it was over, and he avoids clapping like the plague. I almost forget that she can actually sing like that sometimes. I'm looking forward to a Lee/Crystal final. I am now inspired to keep watching the show, just to see what else she can come up with (as if I'd really stop watching).

My Bottom Three: Tim, Aaron, Siobhan
So Inspired She Almost Doesn't Realize She's Leaving: Siobhan


Boquinha said...

"I am now inspired to hang around places I don't belong to see if they'll give me a job." Love it. Also love the fiber comment. And your Siobhan prediction. Oh, and love you, too. Let's watch our movie!!

Jimmy said...

Sinbad was one of the first guys to be fired on the Apprentice.

It was sad. He was funny and made of fun of the Illinois Governor's love of balloons.

Stay inspired to write AI reviews.

Boquinha said...

BTW, forgot to mention that I really, REALLY love this blog post title. :)