Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Idol Gives . . .


us another stinking lip sync.

me a reason to ponder, "Is that Posh or a robot?"

all of us a chance to watch a family show that includes such words and phrases as Viagra, "nude-y pictures," "saline or silicone," "sex trade," and condoms. Sadly, some of those words are due to a sad and disturbing reality in some parts of the world. Others represent a sad and disturbing plastics reality in Vegas, Utah, and Hollywood.

America yet another live performance by the Black-Eyed Peas, causing me to marvel at the diverse, representative group that it is.

us a sick Alicia Keys, because she didn't sound so great.

the boot to a contestant deserving of it at this point.

the reminder that Annie Lennox is simply phenomenal and has a moving and haunting voice.

us my favorite Elton John song (and quite possibly my favorite love song) performed by Sir Elton John himself.

me pause with some very humbling stories. I have the tendency to stress about finances, but really . . . my family and I are rich. Very, very rich.


Dr. Mark said...

. . . the Tin Man a Heart. I almost believe Simon is human. He's just managed to bury that small part of him in the same place that the Grinch stores his heart.

Jimmy said...

Same feellings about Annie Lennox!! She's a living legend.

Boquinha said...

I know! We see ever such little glimmers every once in a blue moon. You know, Simon's talking about having kids. I wonder how he'll change after that!

Jimmy, YES! I used to love the Eurythmimcs, too.

the emily said...

What's that about plastics and UT? Do we have a lot of plastic surgery here?

Boquinha said...

Yes! We know someone through the residency program at Hershey who did his training in plastics (cosmetic surgery) and he had a PLETHORA of offers all over UT. Here's a stat I found:

Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

Mountain (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming) and Pacific (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington)

The Nation's Highest Rates Of:

Breast Augmentation: 37%
Forehead Lifts: 36%
Chin Augmentation: 35%
Eyelid Surgery: 34%
Liposuction: 31%
Facelift: 31%
Tummy Tuck: 30%
Pectoral Implants: 30%
Breast Lift: 30%
Ear Surgery: 29%
Breast Implant Removals: 24%

Boquinha said...