Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I fast forwarded . . .

. . . so this is going to be quick. Plus, I'm tired.

They promise us shocking results, to which I say, "Meh."

They do a group number, to which I say, "Ugh." (Lip Sync much?)

I watch the group number and realize that they're economizing by using this stage and these group numbers to rehearse for the tour (except for the lip syncing part).

We watch a Ford kaleidoscope commercial to which I say, "Oooooooh."

They rather pointlessly paraded the 3 remaining girl contestants to center stage so we could find out that they're all safe. To which I say, "Not shocking."

Jason Derulo performed, to which I say, "Wow, that was pretty good!"

David Archuletta predictably sang "Imagine," to which I say, "Little David Archuletta is looking quite grown up and reminds me of Ron Weasley's change in the movies."

They split the boys into 2 groups of 3, one of which was the bottom, to which I say, "Not shocking."

They announce the bottom 3, to which I say, "Not shocking."

Rhianna, dressed as Cat Woman, performs, to which I say, "Fast forward. We get it. She's a rock star. All she needs is a black guitar. Oh hey, look at that. She found one. But doesn't play it. Maybe she's not a rock star." This show is so pandering to tweeners.

Up on the high podium, a woman uses a ginding tool to make sparks on her metal costume, to which Mark says, "Hey look, they got that girl from Letterman!"

Big Mike is the lowest vote getter, to which I say, "Okay, somewhat of a shocker."

They save him, to which I say, "Not a shocker."

They announce no theme and two will be booted next week. Stacy. Out.


Dr. Mark said...

To which I say, "I can't believe I forgot to mention metal grinder girl." How long was she on Letterman anyway?

John said...

Agreed. Big Mike on the bottom was a shocker. Them saving him was a no-brainer.

You asked me somewhere what I thought of Andrew. I think this is a guy who thrives on positive, unconditional vibes (look at what his mom gives out), and was at his best early on, when he got good feedback. Then he got hit with week after week of critical feedback and he seems to be wilting, to me. I think the judges also have him comparing himself negatively to the other contestants, and he no longer believes in himself as deserving to be the winner. Reminds me of that line from the song, "I sank beneath your wisdom like a stone." I've certainly been there.

As for Mark's thought about Ryan being angry at Simon leaving him behind, I'm sure there's some truth to that; however, the vibe has felt more like a mission on his part to defend contestants from Simon's feedback when it is more insult than constructive, perhaps reinforced by Ellen's agreement with this perspective - he and Ellen are very friendly. But methinks it goes deeper inside of Ryan, and that he has some personal issue causing him to identify with rookie talent being criticized by an "expert."

Vivian said...

I was not shocked, but a little surprised last night. My guess would have been Siobhan instead of Michael in the bottom three but then send Andrew home. Not that I want him to go - I'd send Aaron before Andrew. Things could get interesting now that the judges have already used the save.

terahreu said...

I don't know if they should have saved Big Mike. What if Crystal is compromised one week? I just think it is too early. Oh well, we will see.

I wonder if they will go rock next week. Rianna was making quite the push for that. Holy Granoli, seriously?

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

I totally agree with you today. Jason was really fun to watch wasn't he? I really liked his preformance. I'm glad they kept Big Mike.

Boquinha said...

Maybe she still is! :P That was a hilarious comment, so I'm happy to give you credit for that one, especially since you didn't mention it in your own post.

John, I think those are excellent points about Andrew. I think you're spot on. It's so sad that he's wilting under their criticism, because I think he has a ton of potential. I really do.

Vivian, that would've been my guess, too -- Siobhan instead of Mike with Andrew (or possibly Tim--we can hope).

Terah, I've had that thought, too. If something crazy like that happens, it could be a stinker year. Or perhaps someone could rise to the occasion like Lee or Casey? Or Andrew!

April, we agree!! Check us out! :P

J Fo said...

Now you're watching it the way I do! Fast forward through all the "Fluff" that bugs me, and the stupid artist plugging their own albums, and you get right to business. I watch the performances that interest me (Not Rianna of Derulo, sorry.) It's such a relief not to watch Ryan trying to play mind games with the remaining contestants about who'll be in the bottom. You may never be able to go back to watching the whole thing!

Boquinha said...

Jess, so true. We've fast forwarded more again this week!