Sunday, April 4, 2010

Winter Fun

I'm still catching up.
Never mind the snow you see in these pictures.
It's been in the 80s all week here.

Hockey Game

Our friends invited us to their company day
at the hockey game
and it was so much fun!

The Girls
Thing 1 got into all the gimmicky stuff
like giveaways and camera time

The Guys
(There are two more grown up guys there,
but not in the picture)
Thing 2 really enjoyed this!

Me and Kristie
I know. I could crop these pictures.
But that's so many extra steps. :P


Those things on the green plate? SO YUMMY.
Dill Gherkins wrapped in cream cheese and salami.
SO delicious.
And those hummus-filled cucumber cups?
Easy, fancy, and yummy!



Thing 1


Thing 2

Our group of over TWENTY people out (some not pictured)
sledding on a Monday -- LOVE homeschooling!


April (Thorup) Oaks said...

We love sledding too. Glad you had fun with so many people.

Stella said...

You and Mark have cute glasses...and kids!

Jillo said...

Hockey games are so fun! There's always something happening and they move so quick.
Jealous of your 80 degree days. We are STILL stuck in the 40's. Time for winter to go.

jenny said...

Fun pictures! Sledding is the best! We took the boys to their first Sharks game at the "Shark Tank" a few months ago. They LOVED it! :)

J Fo said...

(I'm so behind...)

Looks like lots of winter fun! It's kind of the weather we've been having here...and we live in the desert! Not fair. ;)