Friday, April 30, 2010

A few short, random videos

Take 2 on this post. I think some people experienced problems viewing the videos, so hopefully that's all resolved now!

Mark is going to edit those dance videos so that they're brighter and then I'll post them again. For now, here are some clear ones from the past couple of months. They're all short and they're a random collection of things we've been wanting to share.

YMCA Gym Class,
Figure Skating, &
Tae Kwon Do

In this one, Thing 2 does his signature flip. By the time I videoed it, he'd already done it a couple dozen times, so he was already getting pretty pooped:

Right there in red? That's our girl! This video is from her 1st session of ice skating lessons. She's now on her 2nd session. She gets to take the class with a bunch of friends, too, since it's a discounted class specifically for homeschoolers that meets during the day:

This video is so cute. It's Thing 2 and his buddy and they're sparring in Tae Kwon Do class. This is another daytime, discounted class for homeschoolers and he has a bunch of friends in this class, too. Keep in mind, I think this was their 2nd or 3rd class. Thing 2 has developed quite a bit of form since then already:

Fun With Scout

This is an example of how much fun our puppy is. We love having Scout! I am amazed how attached I am to this little creature. She's a lot of fun and so sweet. That little wagging tail is one of the greatest signs of happiness. You can see how little she is toward the end of the video when I pick her up. We are constantly laughing at her antics, like this, where she gives us "high fives":

Before puppy proofing the yard, we'd keep her on her leash. Thing 2 figured out a way to ride his scooter AND play with Scout at the same time:

This is us enjoying our newly puppy-proofed backyard. Scout especially loves being able to run free. And MAN can she run:


kara said...

cute. we dogsat this weekend, and it left Eric saying, "We should get a dog." The girls were in heaven, and it was the sweetest (though largest) dog ever. For now, though, I think we'll just borrow the neighbors dog.

J Fo said...

Fun. Your kids are looking so big! Miss those two...and you, of course!

terahreu said...

That dog is so freak'n cute! My goodness. Makes me want one! Shylock is old and crotchety these days. I guess that is what happens when you are a 13 year old dog. Oh, and your kids are adorable too! That is a given.

Boquinha said...

Kara, I'm still in a bit of disbelief over the fact that I actually caved on getting one!

Thanks, Jess!

Terah!! Thanks! I can't even imagine Shylock being crotchety. :P