Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Short Thoughts on Elimination Night

So little to say. Must keep it brief.

Group performance, not bad.

Jason Derulo, enjoyed it a lot.

David Archuleta, seems a lot older. Sounded more polished.

Bottom 3, Michael surprised me a little bit, but not much.

Rhianna, are you sure you're a rock star?

Andrew safe, a little shocking.

Michael saved, an excellent choice.

Mystery theme for next week, I guess showtunes.


Boquinha said...

You're only saying that because Adam is the mentor.

Mom said...

...or was "showtunes" a sarcastic remark because they knock every performance that sounds theatrical? Why was it so right for Adam to be over the top last year and now it's taboo this year?

J Fo said...

Love that they brought Archie back to do that song. That may be my favorite Idol performance ever.

I'm guessing...death metal for next week. ;)