Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I've got a movie to watch

I'm not feeling particularly clever this evening. I mostly want to get to our Redbox movie rental.

They still have tickets available for Idol gives back? The night before? Oy-vey. If that's not indicative of how things are going this season, I don't know what is.

Alicia Keys seems nice.

Casey - "Don't Stop"
Interesting song choice. He was good, not great (vocally). He was, however, great on the guitar. He mixed it up . . . a little. The judges reamed him and he is left to consider if he should've chosen a slower song.

Lee - "The Boxer"
The Boxer! The Boxer! No one has ever done that on Idol and for that reason alone, he should get MAD, MAD praise. But compound that with the fact that he sang the whatever out of that song and they should be fawning all OVER him. That was BRILLIANT. I had chills. It was AWESOME! I love how he mixed it up, made it current, and sounded BRILLIANT on it. I pretty much love Lee and he has become my favorite to win it all.

Tim - "Better Days"
Even though I don't think it went well, because he sounded very off, I still think it was a good song for him (in theory). It was a nice arrangement (cello, anyone?), but he was just off. I like that he didn't sing the same old kind of song that everyone usually chooses on nights like this (and like so many did) and you can tell he'd sound good in a studio, but it was just a'ight for me for him. Ellen says he's like soup of the day (funny). Ryan says he's like gazpacho (not funny).

Aaron - "I Believe I Can Fly"
Ugh. Leave it to a teeny-bopper to choose this song. He was like 7 when Idol started, so maybe he doesn't realize that this song has been done about 200,000 too many times on Idol. That's not entirely his fault. Whoever leaves it on the list of approved songs should be fired. Promptly. I'll grant that he sang it well overall, but I also admit that I was restraining myself from fast forwarding. I wanted to skip ahead, because Mark and I are watching "Young Victoria" tonight!

Siobhan - "When You Believe"
It was very Broadway-ish. That isn't a slam (unless you really want to be a pop star, in which case, I can see why it isn't always well received); it's the truth. She'd be phenomenal on Broadway! She sang it well. The butterflies on her shoulder and the feathers in her hair . . . it was all very distracting (probably because I'm a little bored by her). I did sort of brighten, though, when I saw that she had a flower ring providing nectar for the butterflies. I was sort of giving it a good-okay when Ryan had to go and ask her something. UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH. Then she started talking. She BORES me. How can anyone be so monotone and flat?!? I'm starting to wonder if she dresses all crazy to compensate for her lack of personality. Mark thinks she might have such depth and angst that it just pains her to show much emotion on the surface. Either one is viable. She is a beautiful girl, though, and continues to remind me VERY MUCH of Audrey Tatou, who is also stunningly beautiful (though loads more engaging, not that it takes much).

Big Mike - "Hero"
I got chills during the intro, but the it was a wee bit manic for me. It was good, but not memorable. He held the note out for a bit at the end, but then faded quickly, because he just doesn't have the breath for it. I've noticed a lot of idols have been doing that this season. They try to look cool as they arc away from the microphone or as they lower the mic in a dramatic circle and look at the band. But truth is? They can't handle holding out the note. So why do they even try? It looks worse, I think.

Crystal - "People Get Ready"
During her introduction, I wondered at how no one since Bo Bice has done an entire song a cappella. I would love to see someone do that again (well). She is bluesy and awesome. And wowzers, I haven't EVER seen anyone do that on Idol. She broke down and sobbed through the end of the song. It was moving and surprising. I read a tabloid (because that's what I do) this week saying that she recently tried to quit Idol. She was very upset and was in the parking lot one night after a show and said she was done, she missed her baby, it was too much. Ryan allegedly talked her into staying. I think that explains his "I'm so proud of you" comment to her. She did a fantastic job. She sounded amazing. She and Lee totally, TOTALLY rule this competition.

Best to worst for me:

(Some Order of 5 Others)

Okay, fine . . .
Big Mike

Going Home: Tim or Aaron or maybe Siobhan - how's that for commitment and decisiveness?

I'm off to watch Emily Blunt and deal with my conflicted feelings regarding her, since she broke off her engagement with Michael Buble (who I really like) and is now engaged to John Kransinski (who I also really like).


Dr. Mark said...

Great post and so time efficient. Want to watch a movie?

And it's now been done 200,001 too many times on Idol.

katie said...

I just want to know what the red box movie is.

Jimmy said...

Went with my five year old to "Introduction to Kindergarten" last night at her soon to be school so all I caught was Mama Sox and it was fantastic.

The most commercially successful Idol ever appears to be Carrie Underwood, but I'm starting to truly believe that the most genuinely talented ever is going to be Bowersox.

bythelbs said...

I'm SSB with AI this year. (Seriously So Bored)

But you know what's not boring? Your recaps. So thanks for that.

Stella said...

She has definitely lucked out in the man department.

Boquinha said...

Mark, yes!

Katie, Young Victoria. And it was great. Really, really liked it.

Wow, Jimmy, are you still loving Bowersox?

Lbs, awwwww! Thank you!

Stella, slightly, eh?