Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They were all good . . .

. . . though I can still rank order them, so tomorrow is looking less and less perplexing.

Was it Shania Twain week or country week? I'm still unsure. Either way, we can all dance a happy dance that it's down to a one-hour show. HURRAY!

Lee - "You're Still The One"
The guy can't hit high notes, but I love his gravelly voice. He is so marketable. He made the song even more current and relevant. I love this guy. I really, really want a Lee-Crystal finale. With Lee winning it all. Ooooh, or a Lee-Casey finale. That'd be interesting. Either way, my favorite to win it is Lee.

Mike - "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing"
He is so Ruben-like. If he makes it big, maybe they won't screw up his career with a stupid song like "Sorry 2010." Oh, and Mark totally called the "Luther" thing way before Ellen did. He's awesome like that. Mike (can't call him "Big Mike" now that I've seen The Blind Side) is effortless. It was very good, not to mention "wet," which is better than dry, whatever that means. And Ryan? Asking Shania's opinion on that song, but no others? Mike just garnered all of Shania's fans' votes, too. Congratulations. Country fans are loyal.

Casey - "Don't"
I am still melting over that performance. WOW. He really has a lovely voice. It was very current and really, really good. I agree with Randy that it was the best Casey James performance ever. I love it. It was very sexy and very good. Oh, and I also think Casey wanted to kiss Shania on the lips. :P

Crystal - "Sweet Love Story"
She has an AWESOME falsetto. That song had a quirky little arrangement, didn't it. It was a little ditty. She really has a gorgeous false. And she has the uncanny ability to sound both folksy and incredibly current simultaneously. Really, Bowersox's dude, a live proposal would've helped. Duh.

Aaron - "You Got A Way"
He sits like he stands--leaning back. It was a little boring, but I'll grant that the kid can really sing. That was one of his more sincere and believable performance as far as lyrics go. I couldn't quite understand how, but it was. And then he explained that he was thinking about his mom. And I got a little choked up. That was so sweet.

At this point, we're all thinking, "Wow! What in the world will happen tomorrow?!?! They are ALL. SO. GOOD! How in the world will one of these fine contestants go home?!?" And then . . .

Siobhan - "Any Man Of Mine"
She just could NOT pull of that song. You know, Siobhan perplexes me. She does all kinds of crazy hand signals before commercial breaks and when they all walk out on stage and it makes us think she has a personality. But where is it?? It was a really boring performance throughout with a power note at the end. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I'm still shocked that the judges loved it. Not me. It was weird. Her voice isn't suited for that kind of song. And it was categorically NOT sassy enough.

For me, for them?


Going home? Siobhan. Please let it be Siobhan.


Dr. Mark said...

Why am I not surprised that we have the same Top 3/Bottom 3?

And Bowersox's dude? This week, America loves Crystal a Bajillion times more than the other contestants. Next week, public proposal.

Jimmy said...

Yeah, after Siobhan's scream, my wife tried to change the channel and I told her, "Wait! I wanna hear the judges rip her performance." And instead they liked it? That note at the end annoyed me. It was completely unnecessary, showy, and ugly.

Boquinha said...

Yeah, dude needs a new T-shirt next week. :P

I know, Jimmy! I was SHOCKED the judges seemed to like it?? I sometimes wonder what they think whey they watch themselves back.