Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Thoughts: Results Night Edition

And the Idols go from 6 -----> 5.

They made a vampire Ford commercial. What is with all the vampire love these days? I haven't ever understood it. Color me old and crotchety, I guess.

The newest Shrek movie got a little promo. And by a little, I mean a lot. What IS the name of the new Shrek movie? Because I've heard "Shrek goes Fourth," "Forever After," "Shrek 4-D," "The Next Shrek" and "Shrek 4." During the Idol portion, they called it "Forever After." During a commercial (through which we fast forwarded), they called it "The Final Chapter." I don't think I've ever seen so much confusion over a movie title.

They had Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz stand on the stage for a few minutes. In my notes (yes, I take notes; did I ask for your judgment?), I wrote down their initials. I noticed it looks like this: AB & CD. How cool is that?

Siobhan, Casey, and Mike are in the bottom 3. Two of those are shocking.

It's about time. I am SO EXCITED!! Can you tell?

Sons of Sylvia played a song. They looked undead to me. Undead playing cool instruments.

Lady Antebellum sang. Is that the name of the group? Or just the woman? I'm confused. Or maybe I'm just not paying attention because HARRY CONNICK, JR. IS NEXT WEEK'S MENTOR!! HARRY CONNICK, JR. IS NEXT WEEK'S MENTOR!!

Rascal Flatts and Shakira sang a duet. That's right. They sang a song called "Gypsy" that was actually kind of cool and mellow and weird, but mostly cool. I'm mesmerized by her dancing, so I would've liked to have seen more of that, but overall, I really liked it.

But have I mentioned that it's weird? A Latina woman whose hips don't lie singing with a great-sounding country band? How do those two go together? It reminds me of a restaurant we have here in town. They serve "Mediterranean and Southwestern Cuisine." What?? Weird, but it works. I can have the gyro or the fajitas. Or both! I love weird combinations in food, so I thought it was cool.

And, interestingly enough (to me anyway), we had homemade wonton tacos for dinner tonight. Fusion, baby!

So, gods be thanked, Siobhan goes home. But she sings "Think" first, which teaches us two very important things:

1. Retire the song from Idol now. Or, as my mother says, immediately, if not sooner.
2. Don't do close-ups on some random woman's breast with a tiny Siobhan Magnus pin on it. Just don't.

American Idol turned all Phil Donahue as Ryan has a crying Siobhan (who, by the way, was blatantly eschewing the stage in favor of hugging her relatives, 25 million TV viewers be damned) go over and hug Simon. It was rather strange. But I don't care, because HARRY CONNICK, JR. IS NEXT WEEK'S MENTOR!! HARRY CONNICK, JR. IS NEXT WEEK'S MENTOR!!

Everyone said it was a girl's year. And now there is only ONE girl standing with FOUR boys.

One girl and four boys who will be singing HARRY CONNICK, JR. songs next week! YEE-HA!


Dr. Mark said...

Not sure I caught who is mentoring next week. And why did you have to go and mention the tacos? Now they sound good. At least I already put them in the fridge so I won't feel inclined to snatch one off of the plate.

Farewell Siobhan, one of the greatest examples of a split personality we've seen on Idol.

Peg said...

Lady Antebellum is the name of the Group. Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott are the 3 people that make up the group (BIG country fan so I know these things)

John said...

Not just Harry Connick, but singing Frank Sinatra songs!!!

John said...

Oh, and I'm pretty sure we haven't seen the last of Siobhan - starting with the Ellen Show tomorrow.

the emily said...

How do you pronounce "Siobhan"? Love Harry. Haven't heard about Shrek. When I watched Idol, I took notes too. For real. And that was before the blog.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get the vampire craze either. I guess you have to be a 14 year old girl to understand! -Kelly

Foltron said...

So who is this Harry fellow? He must not be that good if he's the mentor and they're singing Sinatra songs.

I'm a 30 year-old man and I get the Vampire craze. I may not love the books and movies but I get it.

Jimmy said...

The best part of Idol for me last night was when my 10 year old daughter said in all seriousness and with a hint of indignation, "Someone needs to cry for Siobhan. She always cried when someone else went out." She was mad not to see the other wannabe Idolers crying at her departure.

The second best part was Shakira singing Gypsy. Understated and interesting song and performance.

Boquinha said...

Mmmm, tacos.

Peg, wow! You really know your stuff! I know who to ask when I have country questions. :P

John, I know! I'm SO EXCITED!! (About the Frank Sinatra songs--don't usually watch daytime TV, though I'm sure Ellen's great). I'd love to know if even Ellen found a way to spice up that interview. Siobhan seems kind of dull when she speaks.

Emily, it's pronounced "Shuh-von." Yes, seriously. With a "v." It's an Irish name.

Kelly, yes, I think so!

Greg, it's season 9 and they only now got him as a mentor, because he's so awesome. As for the vampires, please fill me in, because I don't get it.

Jimmy, that's hilarious. She sounds like a naturally-compassionate (and observant) girl! And I totally agree about Gypsy. I really liked it, too!

John said...
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John said...

Bo, sadly, no. Ellen asked her about whether she and the other contestants were more friends or competitors, and she initially gave a great response, saying they were friends who were competing more against themselves than each other. Then, somehow, in spite of the fact that I was really trying to listen, my brain tuned out when she started talking about how she got into singing.

She sang the hell out of House of the Rising Sun, though, with no screeching, but a couple of incredible power notes. I just kept wondering why she kept the lyrics male, with "It's been the ruin of many a poor boy, and God, I know, I'm one." Lots of female singers have changed it to "poor girl."

I don't think her dullness will necessarily interfere with her success, though. I've never heard Lady Gaga in an interview, but that hasn't limited the popularity of her uniqueness and talent.

We shall see...

Robynne said...

As soon as I heard Harry Connick Jr. I knew you'd be excited! :) This was the best Idol week by reminded me of the good 'ole days when I actually enjoyed the show and watching it wasn't painful! ;p And luckily the right person went home...guess I've been fast forwarding too much because I didn't know any of that stuff about her sisters!

Chelle said...

I, too, am excited about Harry jr. next week, er, tomorrow. I hope we remember to tape it this week (unlike last week...hence, I missed out on the breast close up).

BTW, I'm trying desperately to get caught up on things, so I'm picking up with your blog from this point forward and I'll try not to think about all the good stuff I've missed :)

Boquinha said...

John, thanks for the comment on her interview with Ellen. Ugh. I used to feel that way every time Ryan would ask her a question. And it was kind of bizarre, really, right after she'd just been such a powerhouse singer on stage! I did like her performance of "House of the Rising Sun" when she did it on Idol. That is curious about the lyrics. Chalk it up to her young age maybe? But it makes you wonder why no one else pointed it out to her (or maybe they did) . . .

Robynne, if you were still in PA, you might've heard me cheering, too! :P Agreed that it was the best week yet. Sad that it's taken almost to the finale to say that. Ugh.

Rachelle, tape it! Tape it! I don't know what you've missed. I don't think it's been much. I'll check and if it's really stand out stellar, I'll send you an email. :P