Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Great Surprises

A gothic choir dramatically sings while a grand orchestra dramatically plays while dramatic video clips of yesterday's show are shown.

Ryan says, "Great News!" I thought he was going to announce something amazing like, "Great News! All you American Idol bloggers out there are winning $100,000 just for promoting our show! Congratulations." But nope. The "great news" was that they had 34 million votes. That may be big or record setting, but I'm not sure it's "great news." Or even "news."

The contestants participate in a HORRIBLE Elvis medley lip sync, er, number. WHY?? It's a live show. We paused and tried to come up with good reasons. Best guess? This group just stinks that badly.

They show us a Ford video with disintegrating cars turning into compost and trees. Very green.

I predict that Andrew and Katie will go home.

Andrew? Check.

They show a really cool video clip of Elliott and Kara in Angola. I heart Elliot. Best. Idol. Ever.

They show us a cheesy duet with Brook White and a guy who's famous for being cute on the Internet (because it's certainly not because he can sing).

Adam Lambert performs, so there are lasers and smoke and synthesizers. It was awesome. Most exciting performance of the season. It was like some kind of cool 80s throwback. You just know that song could've been a love song for some great 80s flick.

Katie? Check.

I'm totally okay with those results. On with the show.


Jimmy said...

I hated to see Katie go. She's so pretty.

Adam Lambert--was it really that good? I mean he sings well, but all it was was lasers everywhere.

Dirty P or whoever had lots of smoke.

Tired of smoke and lasers.

Vivian said...

I knew Andrew would be leaving. I wasn't surprised, but a little disappointed that Katie is leaving. I thought she'd last a few more weeks.
And Adam...that is the only song I have heard him sing post Idol. Does he sing anything else?

bythelbs said...

I just wanted to tell you I love your AI recaps. I haven't been watching much of this season, but I always read your reviews!

Boquinha said...

Jimmy, Adam's performance was extra fun for me, because I'm a big fan of 80s music and it reminded me so much of that. I'm digging the "Dirty P" moniker. Next time P. Diddy changes his name, maybe he could try that.

Vivian, I'm okay with both, I think. Neither could win and neither has been consistent. I did, I admit, get choked up when she started sobbing when she saw her Vavó. As for Adam's song, that's the first I've heard that! Where have you been hearing it?

Lbs, Yay! Thank you!! I'm glad. :)