Friday, March 12, 2010

And Then There Were 12 Again

So the Top 12 are set, and there were a few "surprises," although it's been a long time since I last thought there were any "sure things" on American Idol. So even though I was a little surprised (which I wasn't, if you're following at home), none of the contestants who were denied the chance to sit in Captain Kirk's bird bath really stood much of a chance. What went wrong?

Katelyn Epperly: She picked a song that just isn't a good American Idol performance song. And, she's not a teen-ager so she doesn't get the "I can't believe you're only 16" advantage.

Todrick Hall: No shock here, by the way. He labored under the delusion that his singing ability approached that of his dancing ability. Not true. You'll make a great Broadway star, Todrick.

Alex Lambert: He just looked scared up there. I feel really badly for him because he seems like a very sincere person who is just in over his head. He's another victim of the "if only you were younger so we could expect less from you" curse. It's unfair that he was denied a spot by Aaron "I'm Tone Deaf, but 16" Kelly.

Lilly Scott: The decision to do that Patsy Cline number was not a great one. In fact, I think that's what doomed her. Hearing her perform it again just solidified my thoughts.

I don't even want to attempt to predict who the first departure will be. Songs of The Rolling Stones should weed out the lesser talent right away anyway. At least I hope it does.

(Highlight of the show for me? Matt Giraud back on the stage. He was always a very entertaining contestant. I went and checked out his duet with Anna Wilson. Impressive. You can hear the whole thing on Anna Wilson's website.)


Boquinha said...

Whaaaa! I think Alex had a shot at winning the whole thing. Yes, I do. I know it would've been a long shot with the likes of Crystal and Siobhan, but I suggest it COULD have happened. I think he would've grown week after week, like he's already shown he's capable of doing. Hmph.

Jimmy said...

I'm scared to say anything because I might get fired, but---

Toddrick proved them wrong last night. He too could have grown week after week.

And I want like Andrew Garcia, I really do. Because the world needs a Mexican/American Idol. But I have yet to see it. "Straight Up" was not what they made it out to be, and if he's going to resort to something "Straight Up-ish" with ever song, then I already want him fired.

J Fo said...

Grrrrrr...I hate the Aaron and Katie are still in it and that Alex and Lilly are out. maybe I should actually vote instead of just complaining. CHANGE THE AGE LIMIT IDOL! 16 is too young and they're stealing votes from WAY better singers.