Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eight Girls Sing, Six Sing Well

This week I don't have to reinstall flooring that was nearly ruined by an overflowing toilet, so I think I'll write a brief review of tonight's show. As Simon told us, this is the most important week of the girls' careers because they . . . um, this is so close, but . . . eh. . . like Ryan said. It's also nice to have a one-hour show this week--less time for filler.

On to the show . . .

Katie Stevens: Over-hyped, overwhelmed, and now her journey is over. She's a kid with great talent and a great opportunity, and she doesn't quite know how to grab hold of it. She's trying, but she seems over-matched at this point.

Siobhan Magnus: She's the sleeper in the bunch. We heard virtually nothing about her until they were selecting the top 24 and now we're wowed. She's an easy pick for the Top 12.

Lacey Brown: I'm glad to see she actually showed up to compete this week. I feel like we've been exposed to her stunt double the past two weeks. You know, the "don't try this at home" person. This week was her best.

Katelyn Epperly: I hate this song. Well, I hate it on American Idol. Inevitably someone picks it every season, and that person does a nice job, but doesn't do anything original, and it's a forgettable performance, and I quietly add this to the running list I have in my head. It's the "Don't Ever Sing This Song" list. It's getting quite long.

Didi Benami: I really loved this arrangement. It showcased her unique sound and abilities. I've almost gotten over the "you sound like Megan Joy" issue that I've had this whole season. Just don't start cawing like a deranged crow.

Paige Miles: OK. Why sing a song that is so emotional that you cry every time? And why can't people learn that just because you like a song doesn't mean you should sing it? And why did you turn it into a bossa nova, the genre of music that was created for elevators and the Junior Miss department? FYI, I identified the bossa nova before Randy said anything--I'm good that way.

Crystal Bowersox: Like, she's good and stuff. There is a lot of Idol to go, but I agree that she is the one to beat right now. There's not a whole lot to say beyond that.

Lilly Scott: I also noticed the mandolin before Randy said anything. I'm on fire tonight! Weird song choice, weird arrangement, weird way to end the show. She's so much better than that. Hopefully she gets another week to prove what she can do.

So, if all is right with the universe, Katie and Paige will be leaving us. But I worry we'll have the American Idol usual, which is one person with a lot of early exposure sticking around at the expense of a lesser known, but bigger talent. If this second scenario plays out, I fear we'll be saying farewell to Katelyn and Paige.

At least Paige can smile, though her heart is aching.


J Fo said...

HA! LOVE your last line! I bet this is the week that a shocker goes home and one of the horrible ones stays.

Jimmy said...

Great ending!

Katie's pretty. She should stay.

Boquinha said...

I can attest that Mark truly does say these things before the judges do.

And Jess, that's what I'm worried about. Ugh. Katelyn and Andrew might be on the danger list -- should stay, but might go.

Jimmy, she is pretty. But so is Katelyn, don't you think?