Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh good. It's only an hour.

I hate it when they drag it out with stupid filler. This way, they just speed through things and tick off Glee fans. Much better.

And you know it's getting serious when they start with a dramatic spotlight-in-the-dark intro of each girl versus the happy running-down-the-stairs-and-waving-at-the-camera intro. Dun-dun-DUN!

Katie Stevens - "Breakaway"
Oh man. I want to like her. She was off. It was too low. Just ugh. Danger Will Robinson. And note to judges: maybe, um, read my posts and raise the age limit to 18? The teeny boppers haven't been good this year (or any other year, come to think of it). You say they need more time and experience. Then stop sending them to Hollywood before they're old enough to vote.

Siobhan Magnus - "House of the Rising Sun"
What a gorgeous, haunting a cappella introduction. Awesome voice. I love this girl. And when Simon called her "weird," he meant it as criticism, but she laughed and you full well know she chose to take it as a high compliment. So cool, this girl.

Lacey Brown - "The Story"
Excellent song choice. She sat on the edge of that tiny, circular stage and I kept wondering if she was going to get up (because I nervously visualize them falling in their heels just like I nervously visualize them dropping the microphone). But she sat there and did right by the song. Awesome vibe, great song, beautiful tone. She's a keeper.

Katelyn Epperley - "I Feel the Earth Move"
Is it un-American to love Carole King, but be sick of this song? Just wondering. I didn't like how she stood at the synthesizer like that. It was weird. She has a great voice. This was a VERY strange song choice and she's better than that, so I hope she sticks around. I really do. If voting is fair, she will. But she's on the line between safe and not safe and I'm not sure if the pre-live performance Katie Stevens hype will push her in the wrong direction (not safe).

Didi Benami - "Rhiannon"
I actually LOVE this arrangement even better than the original Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks version. Seriously. Love it. Would prefer owning Didi's version. I love her voice and thought she did a fantastic job. Even before the judges said so. So there. Of course, one does have to wonder if they were just making up for their ripping into her this past week when she didn't one bit deserve it. Idiots.

Paige Miles - "Smile"
Oh dear. That song is going to be even more emotional to sing as the credits roll tomorrow. It was horrible. She was nervous. I was nervous for her. It was really bad. The key change helped a teency-weency bit, but that wasn't nearly enough. Her voice was shaky throughout. And the arrangement sucked. It was lame-o elevator music. It's not good to feel like you're shopping at K-mart while you're watching Idol. Not good at all. She's singing and I'm picturing things like hair conditioner, DVDs, and old lady bras. Really not good. Plus our local K-mart in particular always smells like pee, so this really didn't do it for me at all. And, as Mark and I say every year, loving a song is not a good reason to perform it.

Crystal Bowersox - "Gimme One Reason"
This girl is already a professional. That. Was. Awesome. LOVE this girl! It was a great song choice. Great guitar playing. Great riff at the end. Great everything. She is so going far in this competition. Bonus that she's not cocky. She leaves me wanting more and I'm a fan.

Lilly Scott - "I Fall To Pieces"
I'm still unclear as to why they closed the show with this? I mean, she's technically great. But what a wimpy way to go out. I guess they can't always have Crystal close out every show, but Patsy Cline? Really? I don't like this song. And I felt like I was at a luau and was getting ready for someone to hand me pineapples and a drink in a coconut. That being said, I love her voice. I just didn't think the song choice itself was exciting enough to distract me from marveling at how her always-ginormous earrings look like our kids' great-grandmother's dish scrubbie things that she makes, which, by the way, are awesome for washing dishes. But how'd she get them on earrings like that? And are they heavy? Does that hurt? Reduce-Reuse-Recycle? Does she have super long earlobes like those women in National Geographic? Does she wash her dishes with her earrings? See? Not a good enough song choice. But she'll stick around and we'll get to see what else she manages to hang from her ears -- feathers, peacock tails, dish scrubbie things, and who knows what's next. Ooooh, maybe egg rolls!

My Favorites This Week: Crystal and Didi and Lacey (and Siobhan is not far behind)
Joining Jermaine in church: Katie and Paige (possibly Katelyn, but I hope not)


terahreu said...

I missed it and I am dying! I can't find a site that can stream overseas. Ugh. Thanks for the recap. I wish I could have seen it. Crystal is good, but does it bother you that she didn't care about Idol before she auditioned?

J Fo said...

I LOVE those scrubbies that Grandma makes. Now I'm considering fashioning the two that I have into a lovely pair of earrings! I think that Paige was a train wreck, (I didn't even watch the whole thing, it was that painful!) and that Katie's in over her head. (I agree with the 18 age limit.) I think that no one else in the world should touch Carol King's song again. They always butcher it. It's not a blah song, but it felt that way with Katelyn singing it. Altogether a MUCH better week, though!

Jimmy said...

I thought overall it was a weird night. Too toned down/slow. "Smile" was as bad as I've ever seen on Idol.

Ellen on Simon's lap...Why did I used to like her? She bugs.

Boquinha said...

Terah, did you find it yet?! As for Crystal, neh, it doesn't bother me. As long as she doesn't get all cocky, I'm fine with a newbie-to-American-Idol. I love Casey's excuse -- no TV. It got struck by lightning. :P

Jess, me, too! Those scrubbies are AWESOME. Amazing that she makes them! Agreed on Katelyn's blah performance. I like her, though, and hope she stays. I think she sounds like Kelly Clarkson when she's belting stuff out.

Jimmy, "Smile" was so so bad. Like yikes bad.