Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Catching Up - LEGO Party!

And, of course, there's the birthday bash.
We love theme parties and this year,
Thing 2 chose a Lego-themed party!

They got to guess how many LEGOs were in each jar.

Eat the edible LEGO candy and other snacks.
Thing 2 made that cool LEGO "7" on the table.

They colored various character LEGO sheets
while waiting for all guests to arrive.

They earned tokens for every game and afterward,
purchased prizes at the LEGO Employee Store.

Note the range of ages represented at this party -
Thing 2 has friends of all ages!

Some of the games included LEGO bingo
(the "Bingo" cards spell "LEGO"
and the "numbers" are actual, varied LEGOs)

They also played unwrap the LEGO
(where there are several layers of wrapping
and you unwrap and pass until someone finds it).

And we played "Guess What I Built" and other games
involving big piles of Legos.

Then the LEGO employees had pizza and root beer/birch beer.

Obligatory Goofy Face picture

Then the kids got into 2 teams to build their LEGO racing cars.

Ronald has the patience of a saint.
We love having the teens at birthday parties!
Such great kids.

The other team
(also with teens). :)

Then we raced the cars!

The birthday boy with his LEGO cakes!
The little LEGO guys are holding the candles.
One caught on fire -- everyone thought that was cool.

Then we sang, ate cake, and opened presents.
The kids cashed in their tokens for prizes
at the Employee Store.

Good Buddies

Later that night, Papa came to visit us for a little over a day
since he had business in New Jersey.

The next morning, my Mom and Jim went back home.
We LOVED having my Mom here for the holidays.
We all enjoyed ourselves so much.
(Hopefully next year, Jim can come, too).
And we're glad that both she and Jim
could be here for Thing 2's birthday party, too!

This pictures ASTOUNDS me. My mother, who doesn't like dogs,
ADORES Scout. And taught her to "give kisses"
(Scout puts her nose on our noses).
And my Mom taught her in Portuguese, no less!

Jim and the kids

Playing games with Papa

Out to lunch with Papa


the emily said...

You have the best parties. For real.

Jillo said...

What a great party! Love the racing cars idea and the "guess what I built" idea. So fun.

Chelle said...

What a fun birthday party. Of course everything was thoughtfully prepared and completely planned out. That's our Stacy!

Jimmy said...

Fun! Loved Legos when I was a kid. My girls think they are for boys only. I need to change that perception somehow.

J Fo said...

How FUN! You really do know how to do parties! That's nice that there were lots of friends and a few grandparents as well.

a skateboarder who plays guitar. said...

Man, it was such a great party guys...tons of fun...heh, took us forever to build our car...awesome pictures by the way.

Boquinha said...

Thanks, everyone! I forgot to mention that we even got an ice cube tray shaped like Legos!