Saturday, March 13, 2010

Random Things

I don't know that I need all those bells and whistles,
but heated seats? Absolutely.
I am ready for the toilet of the future.

For those looking for an excuse to get or stay fat, consider this.

If some random person followed me around all day
like our puppy does,I think I'd be really annoyed.
Somehow with her, it's cute.

Not that we're interested in moving, but just out of curiosity,
we did a cost of living quiz online and our hometowns are in expensive areas!

To move from here to my hometown:
Cost of living goes up 26% but pay only goes up 8%

To move from here to Mark's hometown:
Cost of living goes up 40% but pay only goes up 15%

Did you know that major earthquakes and tsunamis
tilt the earth's axis and shorten our days?

Anyone else think Amazing Race teams are kind of dull this year?

Our dog likes caramel corn and toast. Is that weird?

This disgusts me.
It also makes me wonder who is leaving their kids alone with him??
Do you ever leave your kids alone with their doctor? We don't.

The government is rewarding those who rat out people
who cheat on their taxes.
A lot of ex-spouses are taking advantage of the program.
Would you do it?

Ugh. Taxes. Must. Do. Them.

It is a downpour out there!
I'm so grateful for shelter.

This article says that banks at risk of going bust
are never made public to avoid a "run on banks."
That's a little disturbing to me.
We should be able to make a run on our banks
if there is a problem.

It is sad to see articles like this.
It gives homeschoolers a bad name.
Not all homeschoolers are like that.
I'm grateful that our group doesn't fit that mold.

We do, however, celebrate Pi Day.
We're nerdy like that.


the emily said...

I love the cowboys.

Sure. I'll stay fat if it'll stop bullets. Heh heh heh.

bythelbs said...

I think your next novel should be titled, "I Am Ready for the Toilet of the Future."

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Amazing Race teams being dull. I have yet to find one that I like. The cowboys are pretty funny. The cops and blondes are irritating. -Kelly

Jimmy said...

Stopping bullets is the only valid excuse for looking fat and unkempt.

I got tired of the Amazing Race 3 seasons ago.

We discussed Darwin's theory in Sunday School. The LDS church's official stance on that is "we don't know how God did it" and they leave it at that. I found myself agreeing.

Jimmy said...

Wait, I should note that I have fallen victim to all the weight gain culprits--got married and got older.

I have no valid excuse for the weight I've put on. And don't want to know if I have enough fat to stop bullets.

Vivian said...

I like the cowboys and the cops.
Maybe if the woman didn't have love handles, she would have been a smaller target and the bullet would have missed her altogether.

Jimmy said...

Just loving Vivian's observation about the love handles! So true!

J Fo said...

Greg has long wanted a golden toilet, but heated? Count me in!

"Oh my gravy." That's my favorite quote from the Race this year. But I do agree it's a little blah compared to previous years.

Dave said...

I love the cowboys, and the dude who used to be on Big Brother. I can't stand the brown haired woman from the lesbian team. It's always nice to have somebody to root against.

Dave said...

Oh, and George Bailey would be disgusted to read your comment on banking.

the emily said...

Yes Vivian! That's exactly what I said to Dave! If she wasn't heavy, she wouldn't have been hit by the bullet in the first place. Hi-larious.

Boquinha said...

I like the detectives and what I like best about the cowboys is how much fun the editors are having with the sound effects and rodeo music. SO funny. I can't stand the models -- they are WAY too ding-y for my liking. I think she really doesn't own a map and such as.

Lbs, ROTFL! I love that title!

Vivian, SO FUNNY!

Dave, why would George Bailey be disgusted with that comment?