Thursday, March 4, 2010

Does Jesus Save His Homeboy?

What I enjoy: the dramatic intro with sound and video bytes from yesterday's show

What I don't enjoy: the oh-so-cheesy group lip sync song

My predictions tonight when the kids asked me at dinner:

John Park

And so an a cappella group gets its singer back and God doesn't keep his homeboy in the competition. I'm happy for Jermaine that he has his beliefs, but his Bible thumpin' was grating on my nerves. Back to the choir, Mr. Sellers! (This begs the question, if he's content as a church boy singer, why did he try out for Idol?)

So, they announce the boys being ousted. John and Jermaine.

And so an American Idol blogger wonders why she doesn't bet money on these things.

Danny Gokey sings and then gets totally manic on stage having a totally one-on-one conversation with Ryan while 30 million of us look on and wonder how Ryan is going to ever get a word in edgewise to cut to commercial. Probably the highlight of the show for me.

And . . . uh-oh. Haeley and Lacy are in the same row! Oh no. Not Didi! I like Didi! Truth be told, my own personal preference of girls to leave would've been Michelle and Haeley, but I thought the judges (ridiculous) lavish praise on Michelle was going to save her butt.

But no! Michelle is going home! Is it wrong that I cheered? I didn't cheer at Michelle's misfortune, but at Didi's good news. And ours. I much prefer Didi to boring Michelle. YAY!

And then, as Debbie the stage manager yelled so loudly, all of America heard her, they got ready to show the montage and I said, "Oh, why do they do this?" Haeley was all ready to sing and you just knew the montage was going to make her emotional. Yep. And then she sang us out. Poor, poor Haeley. UGH.

However, I am happy with America's votes. The right 4 went home. I'm starting to feel good about our soon-to-be Top 12.

And I think tonight was more enjoyable than usual because we didn't hear much from the judges. I really liked that. Take note, producers.


John said...

So this is the secret of getting fast reviews from you! The show isn't even over for me here. I'm glad Lacey got to stay - I really liked her cute performance last night. But yeah, poor Haeley, with yet another predictive song choice and the circumstances you mentioned - but even that didn't keep her from smiling.

Boquinha said...

Yes, it is! And John, I am thrilled to have you here on our blog. :) I love to hear your Idol thoughts. I'm glad that of the two, Lacey got to stay. I did feel really badly for Haeley singing through tears like that. She does have a beautiful smile.

Vivian said...

Thought the 4 going home would be John, Jermaine, Haeley and Didi. She thought she was going home, too. I think Michelle was the one Simon was talking about who got good reviews but sounded bad when he watched the tape. If she didn't go home this week, she would have next week anyway. I really liked Lacey all the way through Hollywood week, but she has disappointed the last 2 weeks. I'm glad to see her stay. I'm willing to give her one more chance.

Boquinha said...

Vivian, do you like Didi? I was worried when the judges slammed her, because I did NOT think they heard what we were hearing. I really like her and don't feel she's getting enough credit. I hope she does well next week. I also think Simon was talking about Michelle. I couldn't believe the lavish praise she was getting the other night.

Vivian said...

I know you like Didi, but I thought her last performance was a disaster. She couldn't hold the pitch if she used both hands. Too bad I already deleted the show. I could listen again and see if it struck me the same way. Oh well, there is always next week--unless you are Michelle:)

Boquinha said...

Ah. I don't love the song she chose, but I do like the tone of her voice. I hope for good things next week from her. Here's hoping!

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

I really like Didi too. She has such a cool voice. So far, we like and dislike the same things. How quick will this change? I seem to be the odd man out here. Love your reviews! Glad I'm finally caught up even though it was due to a couple days in bed with the flu.

J Fo said...

I am so very happy with who went home. I think that at least America got it right with Michelle since the judges weren't listening to the same performance apparently. Nothing against Haeley's sunny personality, but she HAD to go for me. I am so relieved! Gotta say...not a big Didi fan. Sorry. I like Lacy's tone better, but they're both choosing bad songs.

Boquinha said...

Ditto Jess.

April, yuck. I've heard that stomach flu is making its way around Utah. Glad you're doing better.