Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Killed R&B?

I'm royally disappointed. I remember when R&B singers were singers first, not dancers, choreographers, and entrepreneurs. I remember when the lyrics to songs actually mattered, when they weren't the excuse to blow smoke on stage and wear enormous sunglasses and an equally large sunglasses pendant around your neck. What happened?! I'm not even going way back to find these singers. I'm talking about people like Luther Vandross, Bobby Brown (before he and Whitney got so whacked in the head), Keith Sweat, and groups like Boyz II Men, New Edition, and Bel Biv DeVoe. Those performers all had stage presence but not at the expense of the music. I actually think Usher can sing, so his lame, AutoTuned performance bugged me, too.

Things I liked . . .

Tim and Katie in the Bottom 3. That was good.

Didi going home instead of Tim or Katie? Not so much. She didn't do well yesterday, but those others deserve to go home a lot more than Didi does.

Michael tossing Ryan around like he's some sort of small pet.Kara Trying to figure out why Tim smiles so much. I'm sure the smiles aren't ruining his chances. His singing is what's failing him.


Jimmy said...

Don't you just wish that the producers would advertise this season as the worse ever and that's why it's worth watching?

Wouldn't you just love that kind of honesty? That kind of truth in advertising?

Because that's the only thing that's keeping me tuned in. I want to say that I witnessed history by enduring this entire season, which will likely go done as the worse in Idol history.

Jimmy said...

(The only thing worse is my grammar.)

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

I was not impressed with Usher.

Mom said...

THANK YOU, Mark. I *thought* I knew what R&B was but I was way off according to what they are calling R&B now. Love Luther Vandross. I did not leave R&B, it left me.
Not an Usher fan, but I was pleasantly surprised at his mentoring. Liked the mentor, fast forwarded the performer.