Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Must Be Getting Old . . .

. . . because I don't understand the music of today. This is the second time I've heard Miley Cyrus perform on American Idol and each time I had the same thought: keep it in the studio. She seems like a really nice girl, and during last night's show she came off as fairly mature without being precocious, but I just haven't liked her live performances that much. And the Disney crowd will scream for anything. And I've got news for you, Miley. People will give a standing O for anything these days. In fairness, she seemed like she might be a little sick the last few days, so maybe this critique is totally off base. I don't know.

Then out came Some Jonas and That Girl. What a manic performance. I felt like they went from 0 to 60 in about half a second, and then the wheels came off when they got to top speed. It seemed like he was in the middle of a poor Timberlake impression and she was trying to sing every note in existence within a four beat run. I just didn't get it at all. That's right they kicked it off in Orlando. Guests at Disney are easily impressed.

OK. Now that I've gotten that off of my chest . . .

The results shows are getting to be kind of lame. Talk about song selection. Of all the #1 hits since 1958, Wham? Talk about utter and complete cheese. And not the good kind from behind the deli counter. I'm talking about the processed kind you can squirt out of a can onto crackers or use to caulk your bathtub. These idols are way more talented than these group numbers ever show. But hey, you might see these performances on tour, so get ready America!

In case you missed it, 10 of these idols will be out on tour. The one who gets booted tonight will not. Got it? To recap. Ten will tour. One will not. Ten. Not one.

I was a little surprised that Katie was in the bottom 3 and not Andrew. Last night was Katie's best effort in a while, and if she can string together another performance or two like it she could stick around for a while. I was not surprised, however, to see Tim and Paige in the silver Captain Kirk bidets. I was even less surprised that Paige went home. She just did not have a good run as of late. I was glad to see them tell her before she sang that there was just no way they'd use the save on her. The complete honesty and openness was refreshing. Listening to her sing again was not.

Paige really didn't belong in the Top 12 based on her earlier weeks. She never had a great performance after Hollywood and it was hard to see why the judges were so high on her. Water under the bridge now anyway.

R&B and Soul next week. This is one of those weeks that I think everyone should do well. We'll see how much I know.

(Parting shot: The Siobhan-bies scare me. Truly. I may not sleep tonight.)


Boquinha said...

They scare me, too! What the heck was that?!

I love this:

"In case you missed it, 10 of these idols will be out on tour. The one who gets booted tonight will not. Got it? To recap. Ten will tour. One will not. Ten. Not one."

Lena said...

Okay- I surmised wrong! Paige is out huh? That's okay by me. I guess I can figure out who Casey is next week. Hmmm, maybe Casey is a guy... These people are so forgettable!

Jimmy said...

It was such a foregone conclusion that Paige was going out that the whole show was pointless.

J Fo said...

I can't hear that Wham! song with out thinking of the gasoline fight on the movie Zoolander. (If you haven't seen it go rent it tonight. It's dumb but funny.)

The girl with the Jonas was Demi Lavato. She's a Disney channel girl and I think that's where she should stay.

Dr. Mark said...

I actually think of the "Friends" episode where Ross gets an earring. Chandler has some great lines as he leaves Central Perk.

I've come to the conclusion that Disney is finding pretty people with voices they can clean up in the studio that they then can market as some sort of package to all the tweeners and their parents. Disney has a way of making you spend way more money than you should while you feel happy to do it. It's kind of like being on PCP.

Mom said...

This season has really been a disappointment for me. I actually watched the audition/hollywood shows to get some background. Going into this, I thought it was a really strong (especially girls) year. What happened? Only 4 girls made it to the top ten--and only 4 guys should have. Can we have a Top 8 Tour? As for Miley Cyrus. Nice girl but definitely a studio performer.

Robynne said...

I *so* agree about the cheese-i-ness of the group numbers...what are they thinking giving them these horrible songs? I can't stand to watch them and have to fast forward.

*Totally* agree about Paige - I did not get it at all when she made it to the Top 12...actually I didn't even get her in the Top 24, but oh well - she's gone now, poor thing.

Seriously about those Siobhan-bies! My girls were watching with me and I was trying to find the fast forward button so they didn't have bad dreams!!

What is up with Idol??????????????

Boquinha said...

Ha! Lena, I am responding in order, but I had forgotten that you already figured it out! :P

Jimmy, I really could've summarized my whole post with that one sentence. Well done.

Jess, we know that scene. We saw it, but I have to admit that about 10 minutes later, we could bear no more of that movie and returned it without finishing. It's something we hardly ever do, but that movie was trying my patience! It should be noted that we feel similarly about Napolean Dynamite.

Mark, like "Hey Ross. Wake me up before you go go." ROTFL!

Vivian, as for the girls, I really think the elimination of Katelyn and Lily hurt the girl contingency.

Yep, Robynne. We are SO in agreement!!