Monday, March 22, 2010

Must. Catch. Up. - Part 2

My mom visited. We went out for our anniversary.

We visited Santa.

We ate yummy food all day while we waited for Christmas Eve dinner.

After dinner, we had good dessert -- even more fun in cute cups!

Then we opened presents.

Thing 2 knocked Thing 1 over in an excited hug over his present from her.

They got each other Webkinz!

They got us Webkinz, too (LOVE them!)

Yes, we all play Webkinz together.
That's how we roll.

Here is Scout with her present from Grandma - a toy reindeer!

She opened it herself.

We snuck in a Christmas kiss.

Every year, we take a picture of all of us with our presents.
I'm glad we have my Mom and Scout with us in this one.

Wait. Where's Scout?
Maybe she was sleeping.

Okay, yeah, she was asleep in her new bed from Vavó.

Here is Scout opening her present from the kids


We spend the week between Christmas and New Year's totally kicking back. It is most relaxing!

I love this picture. It shows the pure joy of having a puppy!

We took my Mom to "A Dickens of a Christmas"
at where they do the Renaissance Faire.


We do New Year's right with LOTS of sushi and gyoza!

(And food in general--we're all about the food).

There was a whole lot of smooching going on, too.
C'mon, it's New Year's.
And besides, I had found a stool to stand on,
so I took advantage of kissing without standing on my toes
(though I may be still standing on my toes on the stool).

I'm not sorry about all the kissing pictures.
My blog. :)
Plus, I don't have a lot of other pics of Mark from New Year's.

We're pretty excited about ringing in the new year!

December 31st is the anniversary of My Dad's death,
so we do a memorial service in the morning
and it was nice to have my Mom here for that.
Then, for New Year's Eve, we party.
My Dad would want us to.
I think being with us and having her own Webkinz
(yes, we got her one, too)
took my Mom's mind off things.
It was nice.


Then, after Christmas and New Year's,
we take down all Christmas decorations
so that Thing 2's birthday is all about his birthday.

He got breakfast in bed, lunch out, and dinner of his choice at home.

He chose leftover pizza, beanie weenies, and spinach balls.

And for "cake?"
Cookie Dough!


Our puppy loves this spot right in the middle of all of our shams.

We love it when my Mom cooks for us --
here is one of Thing 1's favorite meals,
Squid, Portuguese style.
It's delicious!

Again, more to come . . .


bythelbs said...

Reading your blog makes me hungry.

the emily said...

me too, bythelbs!! seriously.

Jimmy said...

Yeah. And for some reason left over pizza and cookie dough is sounding like really good right now.

jenny said...

Dude, you guys need to get a room. hehe Nice to see your fun holiday events. :)

katie said...

I have to say, the 'smooching' looks like more fun then the way we spend New Years this last year..all of us taking a round with the stomach flu.

Chelle said...

I want to eat yummy food all day while waiting for Christmas Eve dinner. What was Christmas Eve dinner? Do you guys make your own sushi for New Years? Looks fabulous.

Love that hug between the kids. I'm so glad your mom was there with you. What a nice way to remember your dad.

My kids would die for some cookie dough like of few things I don't know that I could ever do :) The leftover pizza is awesome!

Jillo said...

Scout has her own stocking.
THe giant bowl of shrimp for Christmas dinner.
The cute kissing pics.
Those fabu chocolate desserts. Yum!
The fact that your kids got you guys webkins. So fun.
A cookie dough cake.
And your puppy snuggled in your pillows on your bed.

J Fo said...

Ha! I love Jill's highlights. I agree. And I always feel like I need to cook more when I see your amazing spreads of food. YUM!

Boquinha said...

Thanks, everyone. You're all invited to dinner. Seriously.

Oh Katie, yuck!

Rachelle, for Christmas Eve dinner we always do whatever strikes our fancy instead of some "traditional" meal. This year, I think we did a creamy pumpkin soup, some kind of roast pork tenderloin, homemade rolls in a cast iron skillet (from the Pioneer Woman site), probably steamed asparagus or broccoli, maybe something else. I don't remember. And I don't think we took a picture of it. Weird, we know. :P

We do make our own sushi. Mark does most of it and it's A LOT of work. He pretty much works on it all day. And then we eat and eat and eat. It's scrumptious.

Oh, and I used to not be able to do the cookie dough thing, but over time, I've gotten less nervous about it, I guess. I blame the KitchenAid.