Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can I Send Home Two?

I think Randy said it best when at some point he told everyone that he felt like it was Karaoke night at the local bar. By and large, that's what it seemed like. There were a couple of stand-outs, but otherwise tonight was full of adequate performances of songs that fit the category. The mentor seemed a bit young.

It was nice to be a part of "Everyone in the Band Gets Camera Time Week," especially Ricky. He was really getting into each of the performances. I can't think of anyone from the band that didn't at some point end up on stage with one of the contestants. Like Ryan said, it's "Build Your Own Band" night.

Lee Dewyze: I liked his performance a lot. He had better intonation this week than he's had in a long time. His biggest problem was getting put first in the show. By the time it's over, the little recap at the end with the phone number just isn't enough to remind me of how well he did.

Paige Miles: I can't remember a time when the judges have been this harsh with someone at this point in the competition. They were largely right, though. Paige didn't sound good (illness or not). Honestly, she should have been booted a long time ago and then there wouldn't be this problem right now.

Tim Urban: Why do marginal performers always come back with the "I just wanted to have fun" response? Conestants that keep telling us that they are "having fun" or dedicating their performances to "my loyal fans" are usually the early casualties. I loved all of Ellen's "High School Musical" references. That's exactly what Tim's performance was.

Aaron Kelly: This was actually a good song for him, even if it is one of the most overperformed songs in American Idol history. He sounded halfway decent, even though he's sick, and it was nice that he could meet his current crush. I think Simon wants to see Miley and Aaron arm in arm out there--it would be great for sales.

Crystal Bowersox: There is Crystal, and then there is the rest. She is so comfortable up on stage, and she always picks the right songs. She seems seasoned and ready. I'm a little nervous about the "big surprise"--they don't always go over well on Idol. Also, contestants that are really good with their guitars, who then decide to mix it up because the judges want to see them without the guitar, inevitably seem awkward and "off" without the guitar, so I hope whatever she has planned goes well.

Michael Lynch: The judges went a bit overboard in their criticism. Michael is a great talent and I love his voice. I thought it was a good song choice for him since it fit his vocal style so well. He got a bit too much exposure during the auditions and Hollywood week, so it's easy to start feeling like his personality is a bit too much. Ultimately, though, it was a really good performance by a really good contestant.

Andrew Garcia: This guy doesn't know if he's coming or going. His voice is actually a bit weak so "hiding" behind the guitar is a good thing for him. Bring back the six string.

Katie Stevens: Katie did well with song selection this week. Then she sang well. I thought she was out of tune in spots, but ultimately it was A LOT better than what she's done over the past few weeks.

Casey James: Not a great song for him. And didn't his package say he was planning to move a bit more and connect with the fans, but correct me if I'm wrong. Didn't he start in the corner of the stage and then move to the middle when he started singing, only to remain there until the last note? He's getting by right now but needs to "step it up," as the judges would say.

Didi Benami: So last week they celebrate the "dark side" of Didi. Great. I hope the "Dark Side of Didi Project" is over, because it's not her at all. She picked a mediocre song for all the wrong reasons. And "I just wanted to have fun" is not a good reason to pick one of these songs. Pick one you can sing well, that reflects your style. Period. With that said, her pitch was off in the beginning, but other than that I thought she did well.

Siobhan Magnus: . . . is weird. She is such an odd duck. She can sing, without a doubt. I don't know that I'd be considered a Siobhan fan, though. Her performances seem like an act, like she has some persona she wants to express each week. And the final screech notes? Don't get me started.

BOTTOM THREE: Andrew, Paige, Tim


Boquinha said...

"Calling Miley to Party in the USA." LOL! You're so tired and I know this show didn't help tonight. I love you.

John said...

I'm only commenting on one review in response to both, so no jealousy, you two. Aside from Crystal and Lee, I see Mike and Siobhan in the top 6, though I agree Siobhan should put the screech note back in her bag of tricks for awhile and show us something new.

I also condone the use of their. I believe it originated when the gender of the person being discussed was unknown, as in, "The client's child was reported to be causing the family stress by refusing to do their homework and brush their teeth."

How would you write that?

I believe it evolved from there to be a colloquially acceptable term indicative of individual persons (note the singular/plural crossover there) of unknown gender, and that such colloquialisms arise due to a deficiency in the formal language.

The closest thing we had in the past to this is the now relatively outdated terminology of "one's," as in putting all of one's eggs in one basket. Nowadays, we just say putting all "their" eggs in one basket, even when talking about an individual. I find that an acceptable improvement over the British English stuffiness of "one's" or the ever awkward "his or her."

So there.

Jimmy said...

After Paige's performance I told my wife and kids, "I think I could of done a better job with that song than she did."

It's kind of sad when Miley comes across as a genuine talent amongst her peers.

Chelle said...

We only remembered to record it after Crystal had already sung and was receiving her feedback from the judges. I was ticked. I'm always excited to see her perform. She's one of few contestants that I don't ever feel nervous for.

I have been somewhat of a Siobhan fan, but the screeching on every single song is becoming a bit tiring. I didn't really like her singing Superstitious last night. It seemed like she was holding way back at the beginning of the song and just couldn't wait to get to her trademark ending.

Jared and I also thought the judges were hard on Michael. Neither of us were a big fan of his when we started watching, but in the past couple weeks we are really starting to like him more.

What did you think of Miley as the mentor? It was difficult to take her seriously dressed like a pre-teen going to the beach.

J Fo said...

I HATE the "I had fun" response! It's such a cop out for, "I know I sucked, but, hey, at least I can smile."

Loving the critiques of Fergie's grammar. I feel like I'm back in school in my advanced grammar class. Thanks John and Stacy for that!

Boquinha said...

I think Miley was cute and nice, but yes, it was difficult to take her seriously.

Jess, I hate that "I had fun" line, too!

John, what are your thoughts on Andrew? People seem so split over him, but I really like him!

And thank you for engaging in the grammar discussion. How fun! I think you may be right about how it originated and how it's more acceptable, too. I just think Fergie, since she was doing the songwriting, could've made it someone of determinate gender and stuck with either "his" or "her." You do, however, make excellent arguments. :)